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The internet has revolutionized the playing field. Now small companies, and even individuals (like myself) are in front of a global audience. How do you build a profitable website? Should You DYI (Do It Yourself) ?

Website Design Is More Important Than Ever To Google, Yahoo, And Bing: The case against "Do It Yourself"

There was a time when website designers told us that websites had to be brash and even ugly. The developers made websites dominated by complicated navigation systems and functions that were hard to operate or understand. But now it is possible - and obviously preferable - to create a website with a seamless blend of stunning aesthetic design, seamless functionality, and fantastic click through rates. The most beautiful things function seamlessly for the user.

Define what you want and need from your site. And always remember it's your site.
Find the right website designer. Develop a strategy not just a website.

Here are three useful tips in formulating your website strategy: 

1: Customize Customize Customize
2: Design With SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind.
3: Security Security Security.

Thanks to great advances in technology everyone can have a custom website at a reasonable price. The question is: Why do you want (or need) a website? The answer to that question should tell you if you need a web developer, a website designer, or DIY. A good website designer will listen to you, and give you exactly what you want. I'll listen to you. I'll take your idea and give you aesthetics and conversion. I love to create visually stunning websites that mix your conversion goals with strong design. I design with a clear user path in mind. I create appealing visuals that actually help you to meet your conversion goals. I test every aspect of the design, from headlines to buttons. I make sure the site functions on full screen monitors, tablets, and smart phones. And because you've read this far, I have a gift for you.

Not every web designer is a master at aesthetic conversion and search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge. So as my gift to you, on the Style And Function page is a free lesson in SEO design strategy. Do you see there are at least 8 intentional SEO building features on this home page? Aesthetic design is a very subjective process, but designing a website for sales / conversion, search engine (indexing), and ranking is scientific. What does this mean for the website design process? I keep in mind much of a website's success is driven by statistics. Also, I improve my sites by updating my content and testing, testing, and more testing.

So, click the link Style And Function and I will show you what I mean. Is a website beautiful if no one ever sees it? 

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